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An advanced method of drying liquid concentrates into powder. Fat and Glucose Syrup is added to a mix of water-based ingredients (such as flavours, colours, emulsifiers, milk proteins and cocoa powder) producing a concentrate which is then homogenised to ensure a uniform mix.

The concentrate is then dried by spraying into a hot air-stream at temperatures of up to 180° before being cooled to produce a finished powdered product.

Spray Drying is used to produce coffee creamers, whipping powders, dairypowders and chocolate drinks.

Spray Drying


Small powder particles are stuck together whilst moving in an atmosphere of heated air and steam. The small particles ‘agglomerate’ into larger particles (or clusters), making them flow freely.

Agglomerated particles disperse far easier than powders in both hot and cold dilutions, and can carry minor components such as vitamins or flavourings. We use both ‘batch’ and ‘continuous’ agglomeration processes to make powders for products such as custard, vending ingredients, sports nutrition and artificial sweetener applications, to name but a few.

As an example, the Agglomeration of custard from a basic powder into a cluster will remove the need for the consumer to ‘paste’ the product in cold milk before heating and thereby significantly reduces the creation of lumps, thus fulfilling every home cooks dream – no more lumpy custard!



With a particular application to high fat content products, we’ve developed a unique cooling process in which spray-crystallisation modifies the crystalline structures of fat-containing solids and liquids. Liquid nitrogen (at around minus 200° Centigrade) is used to quickly cool products in a spray-chamber, enabling the manufacture of free-flowing powders made from liquid fats, chocolate and cocoa butter which are stable at ambient temperatures.

For example, the Spray Crystallisation of liquid chocolate into a free-flowing chocolate powder can be combined with our fluid bed Agglomeration process, to produce a premium quality hot drink which contains real chocolate rather than flavours. Some of the best known hot chocolate brands owe their success, in part, to this process.

As well as adding value through product innovation, Spray Crystallisation can also help manufacturers significantly reduce processing costs. Using chocolate again as an example, the use of Spray Crystallised chocolate powder can remove the need to install multi million pound liquid chocolate handling equipment, but still allow ‘real chocolate’ to be added to a particular application.


The simplest of our technologies, this large-scale controlled process ensures that minor active and major components are effectively and evenly mixed together.

Dry Blending
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