We are experts in developing unique hot chocolate, drinking chocolate and cocoa based beverages for luxury, budget or speciality applications, including flavoured products; equally we have a comprehensive portfolio of existing products that will provide proven solutions for many different hot beverage needs.

We work closely with national and global coffee-shop clients and food retailers to produce bespoke hot chocolate products that meet very specific consumer needs.

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From light and tasty vermicelli-style sprinkles, innovative shimmers and sparkles to more traditional Cappuccino coatings, we can supply a comprehensive range of beverage toppings to add that real difference to your hot beverage experience.

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This increasingly popular combination of ground spices, black tea, sugar and milk, creates a flavoursome aromatic drink. We can offer a range of products to meet your specific flavour profile in a variety of different packaging formats.


Frappe – A powdered coffee formulation especially for the creation of popular frothy, chilled summer drinks. We offer a selection of high quality products for the Vending, Foodservice and Retail markets which deliver restaurant standard performance from a powder base.

Milkshakes – using our innovative suite of technologies we have created a full range of thick premium products, which rival any of the popular quick service restaurant offerings.

Instant Tea – Particularly popular for export, this drink combines tea, milk and sugar (or coffee, milk and sugar). Simply add hot water for an excellent instant cup of tea.


We offer a wide range of ingredients for the beverage vending industry which, unlike many of our competitors, have been specially formulated for the UK palate. From quality free flowing chocolates, whiteners and toppings to new and exciting hot and cold nutritious breakfast drinks, we have the flexibility and innovative mindset to be able to meet the needs of the changing vending market.

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As specialists in powder technology, we are able to bring innovation and ease of use to the baking market. We produce a full range of baking ingredients including special Cocoas, Cornflower, Bicarbonate of Soda and Baking powder.

For the industrial market, we use our specialist technologies to produce ‘ready for use’ baking premixes which significantly improve ease of use in application and can offer significant cost savings by removing the need for your ‘on-site’ blending facilities.

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As specialists in the ambient desserts category, we manufacture a wide range of products for the Out of Home, Retail and Ingredients sectors. The combination of high quality products, real innovation and competitive pricing means that we manufacture products for the industry’s most prestigious brands.


This powdered formulation produces a tasty and delicious self-contained dessert with excellent texture and mouth-feel. Available in fruity flavours, Vanilla and luxurious Chocolate.


Whether you are looking for traditional, instant or reduced sugar recipes, we can tailor make custard and blancmange to meet the full spectrum of specialist, premium and value needs. Our innovative technologies mean we are capable of providing a very easy to use range of custards which are ‘lump free’ and ideal for home and professional chefs alike.


With a full suite of production facilities, we can combine a range of different ingredients to create trifles, Cheesecakes and a variety of multi ingredient dessert kits.


Innovation and fun are key to our business culture and this is reflected in our forward thinking Multi-Functional desserts and beverages. Particularly relevant for children, where the cooking experience is equally important as the nutritional value of the food, we developed a range of products which can be made up as either a Mousse, an Ice Cream or a hot or cold milky drink. What better way to bring safe and nutritious fun to the kitchen.


Technically advanced powders are what sit behind our range of Mousses and
Yogurts, delivering excellent flavour, taste and texture when chilled.


This growing sector of the market is perfectly aligned to our core skills and capabilities. Whether you are looking for ways to easily add vitamins and protein into a current product, broaden your range or stretch your brand into this high margin sector, we are able to help you develop your business accordingly.


These products are especially formulated to contain a well-balanced range of vitamins and minerals that provide balanced energy and nutritional support for athletes.

In a rapidly expanding market where existing products are difficult to use, and consumption is more a ‘test of will’ than an enjoyable experience, we have created a suite products that combine taste with ease of use and nutritional functionality to truly enhance all aspects of your fitness regime.

Whether you are a fitness club chain looking for an Own Label range, or a well-known sports Brand wanting to stretch their range into Sport Nutrition, we can work closely with you to develop the right products for your specific activity.


Tasty and nutritious, products such as shakes are skilfully loaded with a blend of vital ingredients that produce an effective meal replacement in a single drink.

Our nutritional supplement products can include ingredients such as instant branched-chain amino-acids, as well as instant proteins and isolates to create a perfectly balanced and nutritious alternative to a regular meal.



We work with major refiners to create specialist sugars for use in the manufacture of jams and preserves, containing hydrocolloids enhance setting properties.

In addition, we produce a portfolio of specialist sweetening products such as zerocalorie and intensive sweeteners, and coated sugars for retail markets.


Sugar reduction is one of the biggest issues in the food industry – we have developed a specialist process that allows us to modify sugar to deliver a product which is not an artificial sweetener, and gram for gram delivers the same level of sweetness as sugar, but with 50% less sugar content.

If you are wondering how to quickly reduce the sugar levels in your products, without using artificial sweeteners, please give us a call; we are already helping major household brands significantly reduce their sugar levels to meet new government guidelines and we may well be able to help you too!


Using our own in-house agglomeration processes, we make a range of instant
starches with easy mixing capabilities, excellent thickening properties and smooth mouth-feel. These are used in products such as instant powdered soups and instant meals where there is a real need to ensure that products mix quickly and efficiently without leaving the usual ‘sludge’ at the bottom of the mixing vessel.


We have the capability to produce a broad choice of specialist presentation packaging for seasonal events such as Christmas or special occasions such as birthdays, Valentine’s and Mother’s/Father’s Day celebrations. Whether you are looking for large in store merchandising units (Shippers), multiple product gift packs, or small sample size packs for inclusion in other products, we have the capability to meet most needs.

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