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We know that, to be successful, every business needs to add real value for its customers; we are no exception and we take this very seriously. We cannot be everything to everyone and we are therefore really focussed on doing what we do do, very well.

We strive to bring value to our customers through real innovation in new products and process efficiency, allowing you to stretch and grow your product portfolio. If we cannot add value, we will not waste your time and will always try to recommend another manufacturer who can better meet your needs.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Premier Foods, one of the UK’s largest food manufacturers, we know about Consumer Foods.

The modern consumer is looking for Innovative, Convenient and Functional products which fit in with their busy modern lives, this is exactly where we add value.

If you are looking to stretch your brands into the powders markets, we can help you drive real innovation and added value.

We work very closely with some of the biggest manufacturers in the food industry, supplying specialist ingredients and finished products for some of the best known household brands. Our powder technology makes a surprising difference to both product innovation and the overall cost of manufacture.

For example, our Spray Crystallisation process can remove the need to install multi million pound liquid fat handling equipment, but still allow fats such as ‘real chocolate’ to be added to a particular application with minimal capital expenditure. This allows existing brands to be ‘stretched’ into markets that would otherwise be unavailable to them, or gives a competitive advantage over similar existing products through cost or added value ingredients. Either way, real value is created.

But we also know that not every brand is suitable for every market. Our team of professionals are experienced in working with global brands, understanding the core brand values and finding the correct solutions to grow the brand while at the same time protecting the very heart of its heritage and identity. Just as importantly, we know when to say ‘No, that’s not right for the brand’, or ‘that won’t work’- your brand is important to us and we take our responsibility towards it very seriously.

If you would like to understand how we could help you to innovate through ingredients, lower the sugar content of your current products, stretch your confectionery brand into milk shakes, move your caramel wafer into hot beverages, or your world famous cereal into an ‘on the go’ breakfast drink, please give us a call, you will be amazed at what we can do.

Knighton Foods :: Out Of Home

We manufacture bespoke hot chocolate, milk powders, coffee whiteners, beverage enhancements and soup that actually flow and dissolve, for the Out of Home and Vending market.

If you are looking to heighten your customer experience and increase footfall and profitability, please let us demonstrate how we can help you take things to a different level with products that actually work.

Our range of healthy, nutritious, satiating and very tasty breakfast drinks are just one example of the added value innovation that we have to offer for the modern time poor ‘on the go’ consumer.

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